Emotto - Game for Autistic Children

The Emotion Recognition Board Game
for ages 6 and up


Price: $24.95
Targets the following skills:
  • Improving Social Relationships
  • Recognizing and Matching Facial Expressions
  • Taking Turns
  • Following Directions
  • Naming and Mimicking Facial Expressions
  • Listening


More about EMOTTO

Children learn to recognize facial expressions while they have fun playing this unique board game! Motivate children to recognize, match and mimic the facial expressions seen on their game boards. To play, children roll the face dice then fill their game boards with magnetic chips. Players select facial expressions to match and imitate. When the game is over children will scramble to be first to use the special magnetic wand to remove their chips. Children will have fun interacting with other children while they strengthen their facial recognition skills.

EMOTTO Materials Include:

  • Four two-sided game boards providing a total of eight game boards
  • Level 1 features eight different facial expressions with word labels
  • Level 2 features sixteen facial expressions (two of each) with no word labels
  • Three dice that feature a variety of eight different expressions: Happy, Sad, Angry, Surprised, Serious, Afraid, Content and Joking
  • 100 Magnetic Chips
  • Magnetic Wand


"This has to be the best game I’ve ever played with my son to help him to learn about facial expressions! He is starting to figure out what all the different expressions mean and he is more expressive himself. We both love this game!"
From Kathy, Rochester NY