Express Yourself Placemats - Learning Tool for Autistic Children

Facial Expression Placemats Provide an Easy Way to Learn About Feelings
appropriate for all ages


Price: $8.95/ea or $14.30/both 

Targets the following skills:
  • Improving Social Relationships
  • Recognizing Facial Expressions
  • Naming Facial Expressions
  • Demonstrating Facial Expressions


More about Express Yourself Placemats

This educational and durable placemat provides children with an easy way to learn about feelings! One placemat features 21 different expressions with word labels while the other placemat features the same expressions without labels. Placemats can be placed wherever they are visible to children. Attached with magnets to the outside of a file cabinet or refrigerator works especially well. This way the placemats can be taken down for eating, game playing or just for a closer look.

Express Yourself placemats are unique. They feature the same adult, in the same clothing, expressing each emotion. This way, children must focus only on the expression and they can’t rely on clues from a person’s gender, age or clothing in order to identify the emotion. Unlike many other products, Express Yourself isolates the emotion/facial expression for learning.

Kids love using these educational placemats while they learn to recognize and label facial expressions!


"I hung the placemats on the refrigerator like you suggested. The other day I found my daughter looking at them and making the different faces. We use them all the time. I put them on the table for meals and snacks and I try to go over one or two of the faces with her every day. She loves it when I make one of the faces and she has to point to it. It's a fun, easy way to help her learn the different expressions. Thanks."
From Emily Freedman, Richmond VA