Eye Stickers - Autism Learning Tool

Expressive Eye Stickers Encourage Eye Contact
200 pieces - appropriate for all ages



Price: $5.95
Targets the following skills:
  • Improving Social Relationships
  • Improving Eye Contact
  • Increasing Awareness of Facial Expressions


More about Eye Stickers

Use the eye stickers while playing any of the Children Succeed games or when engaged in conversation with your child. You can place the stickers anywhere on your face but they seem to work most effectively when placed on the forehead. Encourage your child to glance at the stickers whenever he or she is talking or listening to you. Have your child wear stickers also. The purpose of the stickers is to have your child begin looking at your face. Laugh and have fun while you encourage your child to “look”. Remember it is very difficult for children on the autism spectrum to initiate or maintain eye contact. Encourage and praise even a single glance at the stickers.

Click on our Autism Articles page to find information on eye contact and autism.

Encourage children to have fun while they develop eye contact!


"Those eye stickers are such a great idea. Anything to increase eye contact!"
From Sharon, Princeton NJ