Question It! - Autism Communication, Social Skills Game

The Question Building Game for Children on the Autism Spectrum
For children ages 6 to 12


Price: $28.95


Targets the following skills:

  • Improving Social Relationships
  • Asking Appropriate Questions
  • Waiting and Listening for Answers
  • Initiating and Maintaining Eye Contact
  • Taking Turns


More about Question It!

Question It! is a fun, interactive building game that motivates children to ask questions while they have fun building their own wooden structures. Kids roll the dice to get as many word matches as they can. For example, if the child ends up with a total of four of the five dice showing the word ‘who’ he then asks another player a ‘who’ question and places four blocks on his wooden structure. More advanced players might be expected to ask four questions. Turns continue until one of the children has used all of his blocks. Players are expected to face another player when asking questions and to look in the other child’s direction. This is a great start to building real, interactive conversations. Kids have so much fun that they don’t know they are learning! No game is the same so kids never get tired of playing Question It!


Question It! Materials Include:

  • 60 sturdy wooden blocks
  • 5 colorful word dice
  • Directions explaining alternative ways to play and suggestions for more advanced players
  • Convenient storage canister


"Question It!" is a fun game! I have been playing it with my seven-year old son and watched his communications skills improve. It is fun for both of us to play together. This is such a needed product for children! Thank you!"

From Pauline, Ann Arbor, MI