Step Into Conversation - Learning Tool for Autistic Children

The Conversation Learning Tool
for ages 6 and up


Price: $26.95
Targets the following skills:
  • Improving Social Relationships
  • Initiating Conversation
  • Staying on Topic
  • Asking Appropriate Questions
  • Taking Turns
  • Answering Questions Appropriately
  • Making Eye Contact


More about Step into Conversation

Watch your child’s interest in speaking with other people grow as your child gains conversation skill with Step Into Conversation!

Step into Conversation is a learning tool that provides autistic children with the structure and support they need to hold interactive conversations. The cards provide 21 basic, scripted conversations with areas for the child to fill in the blanks. Icons with labels run along the top of each card and remind the child to Stand, Look, Talk and Listen. They are reminded to Listen after they make each statement.

Step into Conversation comes with fun shoe prints to help anchor the child to the floor so he will remember to face the person and not turn away. Number stickers are used to indicate the number of additional questions and statements required to complete the conversation.

Step Into Conversation Materials Include:

  • 21 Conversation Cards
  • 2 Shoe Print Cards
  • 50 Number Stickers
  • Directions
  • Convenient Storage Bag


"My son is facing me when we talk and we just started using Step Into Conversation last week! He steps on the sneaker cards and stays there through the whole conversation. We picked out a couple of the conversation cards and he wants to practice them until he can get through a conversation without the cards. I am so proud of him. Thanks for this great product! Can I order a second set of sneaker cards? My son wants me to step on them too!"
From MaryAnne Watson, Providence RI