Time Timer - Visual / Audible Timer for Autistic Children

Time Timer Audible - 8 Inches
In our opinion, the best visual / audible timer on the market today!


Price: $29.95
Targets the following skills:
  • Helps children understand the concept of time.
  • Helps children understand how long they have to complete a task.
  • Helps children focus.
  • Helps children remain on task until completion.


More about the Time Timer

I have used and loved the Time Timer with a variety of children for more than fifteen years. The Time Timer works well with all children who need additional help focusing and staying on task. It now has an audible feature where a beep is emitted when the set time has elapsed. The audible feature can be turned off if desired. With the Time Timer, children can "see" time. What could be better!
Joan Nash at Children Succeed

Time Timer Audible - 3 Inches



Price: $24.95
Now available in 3 inch size.  The 3 inch Time Timer has the same great features as the 8 inch timer. The small size and durable, lightweight construction make this model simple to carry for use in any situation. Slip it into your purse to use in the car, in a restaurant or at the park.  


"I love the Time Timer! I've been using them in my classroom for years. They're the best!"

 From Karen, Autism Society of CT Annual Conference, Hartford, CT 2010